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I spent my childhood in Ghent, Belgium where tactile arts became a passion. I lived with parents who were deeply interested in visual arts, literature, and music and immersed me in this culture. It seemed natural to move on to pursue a career in the same. I went on to spend my youth traveling throughout France, Spain, England and eventually to the Santa Ynez Valley in California where I developed a career in the culinary arts which lasted for over forty years. 


Just after my life as a professional chef came to a close, I began to draw or paint a piece each day with no guidelines except to express what flowed from my muse at that time, on that day. I found that this re-focused my creativity which now spilled forth, this time using brush, color, and form instead of food. I continued to explore color, shapes and proportions as the days went on. 


My artwork been seen in multiple shows, each piece the result of painting every single day - experimenting and daring! My deep love for figurative and abstract painting is shown in each piece through an expression of feelings or places within my heart. 

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